A CHINESE FAN’S LETTER TO KRIS… worth a read if you think you’re really an EXO fan



1) The original letter was longer, but I didn’t translate part of it because she revealed his personal life and family background information. To put it simply, it talks about his past interests and daily habits, as well as his life before and after he moved to Canada. I’m not trying to be all exclusive or special for not translating it, but you guys should know why I’m not. nobody wants their fans discussing about his past on a public platform, and that includes Kris. that being said, Kris didn’t have a ~dark~ past. He wasn’t a bad guy, he is still the same. SO STOP SPECULATING.

2) The fan wrote some parts in a ~poetic~ form which I think conveys more feelings, but it might end up sounding grammatically off in english, so please forgive me.

3) Enjoy, and I hope more of you fans out there will appreciate Kris more after this, because he’s more than just a ROLL LIKE A BUFFALO and a tall handsome guy for everyone to gush at.



A letter to Kris

His name is Kris, the one and only Kris.

He’s like a mystery.

His family, his background, the things he went through for the past few years,

adding the fact that he’s a difficult-to-understand scorpio, you get a ‘Kris’.

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